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Pressure Washer in Toledo, Ohio

Year after year your home protects you from the elements; many of these same elements are coating your home with a dingy tint. Your house isn’t the only thing taking on this dirtying damage though. Your deck, sidewalk and driveway are also getting dirtier by the day. Oil leaks, gum, weathering, and various other factors wear on the beauty of your deck or pavement. In just a short time, our pressure washing technicians can restore your home exterior to look like new. Give Toledo Paint and Power Wash a call today at - (419) 843-2753. We would be glad to give you a free estimate! 

pressure washing bricks on a house

Controlled hot power washer

Pressure washing is a great way to maintain the cleanliness of your home or commercial establishment. The buildup of dirt and grime can quickly add up, taking away from the beauty of your property. Believe it or not, you can have a clean exterior, from the side of your home or office to your deck or sidewalk. We use only the most environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals to help protect the environmental surroundings.

Your office is your sanctuary. Its how you and others perceive your professionalism. It starts in the parking lot, leads up to the sidewalk, and ends with your building. You want to be proud of your facility, and we would like to help. If you have dirt, grime or any other unsightly stains on your commercial building or office contact us today. Our prices are affordable, and we are always prompt for the fastest turnaround time available.

As a full service painter we also offer affordable commercial painting services. Our team is trained to go above and beyond, staying up to date with the most cutting-edge techniques and applying them where they count. If you have a deadline and need your painting project done by a specific date our painters will meet or exceed the deadline. Many of our commercial painting jobs include; banks, doctor’s offices, hospitals, office buildings, and much more. Our painters will also work with a wide range of contractors and property managers to help ensure you receive the highest level of quality.

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Toledo Paint and Power Wash is proud to be a part of the Toledo, Ohio community and we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. For an estimate or for more information contact us at - (419) 843-2753

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